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"Children need models rather than critics." (Joseph Joubert)



support for women and children in general on the blog or anonymously in online support centre


systematic changes in family care, advocacy for children and women


active involvement of the target groups

The aim of multicultural project MINORITY KIDS is the support of children and mothers living in minorities in Slovakia

New articles

Hungarian parents equals Hungarian child?

According to the latest census, compared with 2001, the number of Hungarians in Slovakia decreased by 62 thousand of residents. This result has several reasons and this work deals with natural loss and assimilation. Demographic studies show that both of these reasons... read more

Mother on the workmarket

The study summarizes the most significant, whereas the most flexible economic acitivities of mother on maternity leave, from which the decision goes often to enterpreneurship. The study informs about the possibilites of worklife ballance of mother in minorities,... read more

Women on Labour Market in Slovakia I

The concept of “good” governance in gender field requires normative judgments about what constitutes the legitimate acquisition and efficient exercise of power in the sphere of labour market in Slovakia. The aim of this paper is to analyze the gender issues in... read more