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One Cannot Start Too Early – Or Knowledge And Insights Into The Theory And Practice Of Nursery Teachers

One cannot start too early – or knowledge and insights into the theory and practice of nursery teachers

Abstract: Basic document for education, both structural and content, is the definition of educational institutions to ensure equality. Therefore, teachers need to be aware of the causes of social inequalities and possible mitigation solutions. In this work, it is emphasized that we have to find out whether kindergarten teachers have this knowledge or make opinions according to their daily work? We believe that since Hungary’s elementary school has been included in the public education system, each individual day care center has a specific approach to pedagogical development. For this reason, we think there is a lack of skills and expertise in kindergarten teachers. More testing is needed to eliminate these inequalities in pedagogical competencies. Therefore, it is also necessary for a preschool teacher to go through the theoretical obstacles related to mentality and also the effects quickly spread to the pedagogy and the humanities and to create new unions such as child pedagogy.

Key words: gender sensitive teaching, public education system,inequalities

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