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The Representations Of Childhood In European Culture

The Representations of Childhood in European Culture

A gyermekkor reprezentációi az európai kultúrába  written by

Doc Molnár Csilla, Soproni Egyetem, Benedek Eleke Pedagógiai Kar /


Philippe Ariés’s work Centuries of Childhood exploded like a bomb in mentality history and in the history of ideas half a century ago but its impact spread over fast to human sciences and it catalyzed the creation of new disciplines, such as the history of childhood in pedagogy.

In my presentation, I review the representations of the last three or four decades, especially from a point of view how children were represented in the late modern societies in the correlation of digitalisation. According to computer folklore, children have a ’natural affinity’, to which they always find the necessary means to fulfil their needs for information. I research the source of the widely held belief according to which children are computer geniuses who teach their parents and can do anything thanks to digital technology, as the new millenium’s  Thot, Hermes and Prometheus in one person.

Keywords: childhood, representation, computer folklore

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